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300 MBPS

$55 /mo. + taxes

  • Uncapped Data
  • Download Speed upto 300 MBPS
  • Connect upto 3 devices

500 MBPS

$65 /mo. + taxes

  • Uncapped Data
  • Download Speed upto 500 MBPS
  • Idle for Streaming & Gaming
  • Up to 4 small, medium, or large screen devices

1000 MBPS

$80 /mo. + taxes

  • Uncapped Data
  • Download Speed upto 1 GBPS
  • Seamless Streaming, Gaming & Work
  • Up to 5-6 large screen devices

Benefits of Choosing a Plan With Us

Since we have tie-ups with major service providers across the country, so we can help you find a great offer at most reasonable price

300-1000 MBPS Speed

Need a high speed connection for online gaming and streaming? We will help you grab a best deal.

No-Data Caps

Almost all our plans come without a data cap or a data limit. Choose the plans that fit your needs.

Customizable Plans

We help you find plans that you can customize to meet your internet needs perfectly.

Know which tv and internet providers are available at your zip code

Our massive database of tv and internet providers will help you compare the best options available at your zip code. Need help choosing?

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New Customers Receive a $100 Prepaid Reward Card.

Looking for a new internet connection or want to switch your current isp to a new one, speak to our advisors now to avail these extra benefits

No Annual Contracts

Get fast and reliable internet with more flexibility. There is no annual contract or hidden fees for wifi equipments. Call our advisor to qualify for a deal.

Free Professional Installation

You need not have to worry about the installation. With every new connection, we will make sure you get free installation along with equipment.

No Data Caps

Experience unlimited internet with no data caps or overage charges getting in the way, so you can enjoy gaming, streaming and surfing endlessly.

Internet Service Types For Residents

Choose the one which is best for your needs


DSL internet works on copper cables. In rural areas, it is one of the top wired choices despite slower speeds.

Pros :
  • Faster than a dial up
  • Dedicated badnwidth
  • Easily available
Cons :
  • Slower connectivity compared to Cable & Fiber
  • Delivered speeds depend on distance to the provider’s hub

3 Home Essentials That Keep You Connected & Entertained

How to Get High-Speed Internet in My Area?

If all you want is high-speed internet that covers your entire home, then we’ve got you covered. We offer some of the most exclusive internet plans for businesses and homes. Contact our team to know about the best internet plans in your Zip Code.

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Affordable High-Speed Internet Plans

Choose from a range of high-speed internet plans without thinking about expenses. We have partnered with the top internet providers in the US to bring you the most affordable plans. Enjoy speeds that are enough for your home without burning a hole in your body.

Instead of going online and searching “best internet plans in my area,” just contact any member of our team and we’ll guide you to choose a better deal.

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Country-Wide Connectivity With Satellite Internet

Living in a rural area and wanting high-speed internet service? Compare plans with multiple satellite internet providers and get plans that can fulfill your internet appetite. Stay connected to internet service anywhere you go.

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Tips to choose a reliable service provider

Know and understand your options

Fiber, Cable, Satellite or DSL? There are multiple options to choose from. Our advisors can help you understand your options to find you a great deal.

Compare available providers

Our massive database of tv and internet providers will help you compare the best options available at your zip code. Need help choosing? Call Now!

Choose a best deal

Get the tv channels and internet speed you need. Also whether you need to upgrade your existing connection or looking for a new connection, we have you covered.